Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Instructions for Santa Glitter Ornament

Hey There,

Here are the instructions for the Santa Glitter Ornament. As soon as my husband hooks me up to shoot a video again (hopefully tonight) I'll shoot a video on how to make these as well. For now, here are the written instructions.

Supplies Needed:
Clear Glass Ornaments
Pledge Floor Was with Future Shine
Glitter - Needs to be Extra Fine - Stampin' Up either Galaxy or Super Nova
13" Black Satin Ribbon - Stampin' Up
Sticky Strip - Stampin Up
1/2" Circle Punch - Stampin' Up
Basic Black Cardstock - Stampin' Up
Silver Glimmer Paper - Stampin' Up
1 1/4" Square Punch - Stampin' Up
Dazzlind Details - Stampin' Up

1. Take the hanger out of the ornament.
2. Pour some Pledge floor wax into the ornament. Be careful not to squirt it as this will create bubbles.
3. Swirl the ornament around so the floor wax coats the inside of the ornament. Do not shake as this will create bubbles.
4. Take the cap off the floor wax bottle and let the excess drain out of the ornament.
5. Using your funnel, pour a large amount of glitter into the ornament.
6. Swirl the glitter around the ornament to allow the glitter to coat the ornament. You can shake the glitter to coat the top near the hanger part.
7. Pour the excess glitter back into the glitter jar.
8. Using your 1 1/4" Square punch, punch out a piece of Silver Glimmer paper.
9. Make slits on either side to allow ribbon to go through.
10. Thread your ribbon through the slits to create the belt.
11. Apply Sticky strip to entire back of ribbon.
12. Adhere to ornament.
13. Using your 1/2" Circle punch, punch out 3 circles using Basic Black cardstock.
14. Adhere above belt using a glue dot.
15. Apply Dazzling Diamonds to black dots and allow to dry.

Viola! You have yourself a Santa Glitter Ornament. Wasn't that fun?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks so much

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